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Whether booking a much-needed last minute getaway, organising a honeymoon or in search of the many fine tourist attractions, both in Nigeria and abroad, you are in the right place to have your needs met!

Our objective is to provide the best priced tickets for air travel domestically (within Nigeria), regionally (mostly West Africa, but to a lesser extent, Central African countries like Cameroon, Gabon etc.), continental (throughout all of Africa) and global travel. Our services cater to a wide range of customers including businesspeople, students (particularly those studying abroad), and families, to name some of many.

Travel within Africa accounts for a small percentage of global air traffic. The benefit to you, our customer, is that you will have a wide range of options for a competitive price. Furthermore, reduced-priced tickets and associated discounts will be made available not only in this section, but also in the special offers section.

Money Matters would like to ensure our customers are well prepared for their travels. Part of this is ensuring you have your visas/travel permits in order. Please feel free to peruse our FAQs/visa content for more detailed info.

We offer travel insurance options to those customers that wish to make their travelling experience as smooth and as stress-free as possible. This is available in our insurance section.

In addition to the above, there will also be tourist packages and discounts available for group bookings.

You can also look forward to blog and news content regarding the travel industry which will further help you with your travel choices.

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