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Finally, the wedding is over and it is time to settle into the bliss of marriage, you can heave a sigh of relief now.

Meanwhile, it’s time to unveil the “surprise honeymoon” package hubby has planned out…. there’s just a little problem, hubby has no plan whatsoever, he’s been so caught up with wedding plans and has completely forgotten to make plans for honeymoon.

He wants to go to Rome, Paris, Italy or Las Vegas but there was no visa arrangement made to get to any of these places and above all there is very limited time to start preparations so here’s your fix for when situations like this arise, below are countries that are amazing honeymoon destinations and guess what most are visa free for Nigerians. First on ours list is:


BARBADOS: this Caribbean island is known for its lushness, it is a super romantic spot and is located in the lesser Antilles. It is a hot weather destination as it guarantees sunshine all year round. Home to sandy beaches and colorful waters, it sure is that spot to go to and cuddle with your better half whilst relieving the goodness of being with the one you love till forever.

REQUIREMENTS: A passport and a valid return ticket.


CAPE VERDE: Cabo Verde officially the republic of Cabo Verde is situated off the coast of Senegal, formerly belonged to Portugal. It is a stretch of water housing many islands, known for its intimate and laid back atmosphere with an endless sand dune this abode is ideal for just the two of you. It has a tropical feel and is filled with palm and hibiscus trees, colorful flows and chattering macaws. Cape Verde is known for its long nightlife, it is warm and sunny all year round and gives room for fun activities like; diving and windsurfing.

REQUIREMENTS: A valid passport, visa is given on arrival if staying more than 90 days.

COMOROS ISLAND: Also a stretch of water having many islands, it is located near East Africa and the Mozambique channel touching the stunning Indian ocean.

A tropical paradise, consisting of lush volcanic islands, beaches, marine life and a national park. Comoros Island is a heaven to behold and its ambience is out of this world, it is known to have two tropical seasons: the hot rainy season from November to April and cool dry season from May to October.

REQUIREMENTS: A passport, visa is given on arrival.

FIJI ISLAND: this beautiful island is known for its calm atmosphere with a moderate climate all year round. It is a very erotic spot located in Melanesia, part of Oceania in south Pacific Ocean.

REQUIREMENTS: A valid passport, no visa required for 4 months.


MAURITIUS: A holiday paradise perfect for two, cloaked with turquoise sea, beautiful beaches with sparkling white sands surrounded with coconut palm trees.  It is also known for its lagoons and rifts. Mauritius is located is an Indian ocean island nation blessed with waterfalls, hiking trails and wildlife.

REQUIREMENTS: Can stay up to 2 weeks, kindly approach the Mauritius consulate for entry permit.



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