Captivated by the Cape

Captivated by the Cape

Icon February 12, 2018
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“Economical, yet excellent” is one of many positive ways this part of South Africa (SA) has been described as. For many urban dwellers (think Lagos, London, New York and so forth), Johannesburg – SA’s largest city – is the first locality which comes to mind; after all it has a wide variety of activities to choose from, most notably the Sandton City shopping small, of which selfies taken at its entrance happens to be a common sight on social media.

Despite what Jo’burg has to offer, why not embrace an alternative to the concrete jungle (not my words – don’t shoot the messenger lol !)? And there are arguably fewer attractive alternatives than Cape Town, in the Western Cape Province. The coastal City and legislative capital is the second most populous urban area in SA, after Jo’burg, and is renowned for its Harbour.

The options for activities are plentiful and include attractions such as the Mountain National Park with its breath-taking views and mountain hiking/climbing options; surfing, skiing, and sky diving for the thrill-seeker in you; and scenic, atmospheric restaurants such as Harbour House – known for its array of restaurant offering fine cuisines (image below).

Whether it’s for a well-deserved holiday, a varied honeymoon experience, family holiday or even just to sample a different type of travelling experience, this destination has much to offer. Are you sold yet?  Well maybe you will be with ongoing options for as little as N100k per person – you  really can’t go wrong! Waste no further time and visit You might just be captivated by the Cape!


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